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"Do You Find Yourself Doing Things You Feel The Need To Hide?"

We’ve come to live in a world where anything goes. "If it feels good, do it, and let the good times roll" are continuing to be the worldly philosophies of this life.

There are many who are reading steamy, alluring love books, watching X-rated movies and are clinging onto pornographic materials that they would be highly embarrassed if discovered and too ashamed to talk about at church.

Then you’ve entered into darkness which violates Christian Faith principles, your spiritual code of ethics and it can end up costing you dearly.

Is the life you’re living worth the price that Christ paid upon Calvary? Aren’t we as believers instructed and encouraged to pick up our cross and follow Him daily?

There are those who actually think, believe, or act as if The Lord can’t see their sin if they try and hide it under a cloak of darkness or perform it in a locked room, but can any of your activities be concealed from His all-seeing eye?

Can anyone entertain displeasing thoughts and believe that He won’t know the intentions of your heart?

1st John 1:6 NIV says, "If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth."

The Apostle John, under the anointing of The Holy Spirit of God, says if you’re walking, living, and continually practicing sin, then you’re living a lie and walking in error.

The leading thought is that if you live in sin, it’s evidence and proof that your life is a contradiction, denoting that you’re ignorant of the righteousness of Christ, walking in blindness and unbelief and therefore a stranger to The Spirit of God.

Then this makes the person who lives in habitual sin a false professor, a pretender, one living in deception and it’s hard to believe that such a person could be a Christian.

How can a person who is not a partaker of God’s divine nature ever believe that they are going to heaven?

How can a person participate in some Christian rites without ever receiving the love of Christ in their heart, without knowing the peace of God in their mind and the joy of The Holy Spirit in their life?

Eternal life through Jesus Christ means to have been washed from our sins in His blood. And in this dark world, we who have been redeemed by the blood of Christ and are led by the Spirit of God, must know that we are representing the nature of God and His Word through our ongoing lifestyle.

If you try to hide yourself or attempt to cover up or keep secret your activities, the devil will additionally expose you to further ruin your character, credibility, respectability and relationships.

No attempt to disguise yourself will profit. And there’s no art of concealment that you can entertain or conduct that will hide you from God or prevent you from reaping what you’ve sown.

It costs something to miss out on all the so-called fun that everyone in the world is having. But it costs something to make the decision not to walk with the world and live for Christ. And the rewards for following Christ and living a Godly lifestyle are simply and eternally wonderful.


~Dr. Andrew Bills

Dr. Andrew Bills

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