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"Can You Interpret My Dream?"

Two nights ago, I was awakened after experiencing a remarkable dream...

I dreamed that I was hired as a custodian to clean this large warehouse. After being given a tour of this large facility, I was directly taken to a very large door at the back of this building.

This door was bolted with several chains and locks, then once opened I was quickly ushered in and given a very small flash light to find my way around. I was given specific orders to just watch over things. Then after being given these quick instructions, the manager abruptly left and closed the door behind me.

This very large section was completely dark, as I made my way carefully down the ramp onto the floor with only my very tiny light to direct me. But, there was a smell of death in the air.

Suddenly, I saw cages, hundreds, maybe even thousands of cages which were lined up in multiple rows. Then, as I looked closer, I got the shock of my life.

Within each cage, laid the poor figure of a lion, skinny and weakened from starvation, and emaciated from the lack of water, sunlight, proper care and nourishment. Each lion’s mane was drooping and withered, and their ability to roar seemed lifeless and gone.

I quickly ran back out of that large section and found the manager and inquired as to what was going on? He angrily told me that the owner of the facility, captured those lions and starves them to death and then skins them. And with that angry explanation, I was then sent back to watch or guard that huge section.

I decided that it wasn’t right to do this, so for the next few days I secretly smuggled in bread and water to the caged lions. The lions began to regain their strength, standing upright on all four feet, their manes once again boldly surrounded their faces in full force and with amazing power, they all suddenly began to roar.

The building shook from the trembling of their collective ferocious roars, when suddenly the owner of the warehouse came angrily rushing in. As he began to violently yell and scream at me, suddenly all the doors of each cage quickly opened and with great sprinting force, the majority of those lions pounced upon the owner destroying him, while a few others surrounded me to safely protect me from any danger.

Then with even greater force, the lions overcame that door that had once held them captive and they all exited that facility, back out into the world.

Suddenly, I awoke from my dream and I sensed the very presence of The Holy Spirit of God, as I sat on the edge of my bed pondering and meditating on this dream.

I would love to hear from you. "What do you think about this dream?"

~Dr. Andrew Bills

Dr. Andrew Bills

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