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"Is Your Shield Up?"

Your mind is the battlefield or the playground which Satan targets, bringing thoughts, suggestions and ideas to bring you down. But God has provided you with the necessary equipment not only to withstand our enemy, but to repel and conquer him.

As a believer, your faith MUST BE predicated on what Christ did on the cross, through His Resurrection and on God’s faithfulness to keep His Word. For spiritual strength, tenacious faith and strong courage through The Holy Spirit are needed to be victorious against spiritual warfare today.

Ephesians 6:16 HCSB says, "In every situation take the shield of faith and with it you’ll be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one."

The Apostle Paul used "faith" to describe the shield because "faith" is descriptive of every characteristic of a believer’s life. Faith is our security in Christ, it protects all, defends all and makes all things possible as a Christian trusts Christ and stands on the promises of God.

When you come under enemy fire, you only need to take shelter behind faith in God’s word and remain confident in the victory that has been given to you through Calvary. If your shield is up, you can stake your life on the faithfulness of your Heavenly Father as you walk by faith and not by sight.

Your shield must remain lifted high until you are done with this warfare and have finished running your course. Since we are partakers of God’s Divine Image, Satan’s assaults are meant to deface God’s image within our hearts and destroy our faith.

If your shield of faith is up, you’ll be able to sustain the worst assaults that the enemy can bring against you. You accomplish this by applying The Word of God, the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus, in faith and under the anointing of The Holy Spirit, against all the attacks of the enemy.

The Roman soldier’s shield was a large oblong thick metallic shield, which would cover the greater part of his body when being attacked. It was held with one hand, so the other hand would be free to swing their sword.

The fiery darts were weapons doused in flammable fluids, constructed to explode on fire upon impact. As long as the soldier held his shield, he felt protected, secure and safe.

Today’s "fiery darts" that your upheld shield will repel and conquer are flaming thoughts, malicious accusations, evil temptations, lustful passions and feelings of rage, hatred, revenge, jealousy, guilt and pride.

These fiery darts are launched towards us with the force of a propelled missile, but if your shield is up, they’ll be blocked and extinguished so you won’t become vulnerable to spiritual defeat.


~Dr. Andrew Bills

Dr. Andrew Bills

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