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"What Should You Know When The Devil’s Laughing At You?"

Breakthroughs and spiritual victories are only won by means which are considered utterly inadequate or totally foolish when it comes to human reasoning or demonic activity.

In chapter three of the Book of Joshua, The Lord gave Joshua some unique instructions to prepare them for the crossing of the Jordan River. The Jordan River was at its full strength, cold, muddy and overflowing its banks as they approached it. The unusual instructions were that the priests were to pick up and bare the ark, carrying it 1,000 yards out in front of all their military, with the rest of the nation of Israel to follow. By faith, as soon as the feet of the priests stood in the rushing water, God parted or re-routed the river waters and all Israel proceeded across the great Jordan River on totally dry ground.

Then in chapter six, once again The Lord gave Joshua more unique instructions to prepare them for conquering the city of Jericho. The city was well fortified by a towering wall that surrounded and protected the city, but The Lord told Joshua to have the priest bare the ark of the covenant, being followed by their military, and quietly march around the city one time for six straight days. Then on the seventh day, they were to march around the city seven times but on the seventh time, they were to blow their trumpets and shout. In strict obedience to God, upon shouting, the walls of Jericho fell flat and Israel conquered Jericho on that day.

On both occasions, the commands given to Joshua, to the natural human mind or demonic intellect, seemed very foolish, inadequate or just plain weird. Can’t you visualize Satan and the people of Jericho laughing as Israel quietly and slowly marched around their city walls, following a wooden box being carried by a group of priests. What superstition! What foolishness! So, they thought as they laughed them to scorn. But, their laughter suddenly ceased on the seventh day when their walls suddenly collapsed.

Today, believers are laughed at when we resort to prayer instead of acts of revenge or violence. True Christians are scorned as we believe in humbling ourselves before God that He may exalt us instead of using worldly tactics to get by or over on other people. We believe that in order to go up, we must go down in prayer. We are greatly mocked as we believe in being a cheerful giver, which is the way of pleasing The Lord, as we trust Him to supply all of our needs instead of using worldly tactics to get over on people. We are deeply hated as we talk more about our Lord than about worldly, earthly and ungodly conversions that profit our spirit nothing.

Now, on both occasions, The Lord instructed Joshua to have the ark of the covenant out in front of all His people. The ark of the covenant, which is mentioned in scripture over 180 times, represented the presence of God in the midst of His people. It was the most important piece of furniture in the tabernacle.

When the Israelites needed direction, God always spoke to them in the place where the ark rested. No matter how strange it appeared, whenever Israel went to battle, the priests carried the ark out in front of their army to let the opposition know that they were not fighting alone, but God was with them.

Now, inside the ark were The Ten Commandments that had been given to Moses, which represented The Word of God. Next, inside the ark was Manna that had collected which had fallen from Heaven that represented Jesus Christ, the Living Bread From Heaven or the Bread Of Life. Finally, there was the ark was Aaron’s Staff or Rod that had budded. A seemingly dead walking staff that had miraculously blossomed which speaks of the resurrection power of The Holy Spirit of God.

Today God’s Word, the Living Christ and the presence and power of The Holy Spirit continue to be our salvation, strength, defense, deliverance and victory. As you focus on Christ and keep His word in front of you, you too will be led through some of the most negative situations, adverse circumstances, painful conditions, dark valleys, hard times and tragic experiences that the enemy will bring against you.

Are you in right standing with God? Are you looking to Him despite the dictates of your circumstances, surroundings or conditions? How can The Lord keep you if you refuse to keep your eyes on Him?

Despite the ridicule from the ungodly or unsaved people around you, Christ Jesus is OUR LIFE AND BREAKTHROUGH regardless of all attacks, lack, scorn, persecutions, oppositions, ungodly plots and demonic activity in our world today.


~Dr. Andrew Bills

Dr. Andrew Bills

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