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"Grace That’s Beyond Human Logic"

2nd Kings 6:6 (NTL) says, "‘Where did it fall?’ the man of God asked. When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it into the water at that spot. Then the ax head floated to the surface."

Here In 2nd Kings 6: 1-7, we are given this amazing story where the school of the prophets had obtained Elisha’s blessing to expand their facilities. While they were cutting down trees, the metal head of an axe fell off from its shaft and fell into deep water. Since the axe had been borrowed, it became a disaster for one of the young men because he could not afford to pay for such an expensive tool.

After being summoned to the scene, Elisha immediately took a stick of wood from a nearby tree and threw it into the water. Suddenly, the heavy iron axe head began to float back to the top of the water where it could be retrieved.

There was no other way this could have happened apart from the power and the grace of God, for only God – who created the laws of gravity – could interrupt, suspend or defy His very own laws for the sake of this prophet and then allow this very heavy piece of iron to float.

Critics have tried to say that the stick Elisha threw into the water fell into the hole of the axe head and caused it to float or rise to the top, but the Jordan River at Jericho was so deep with rushing rapids. So what’s the extreme possibility of the stick falling into the hole of the axe head in the dark muddy rushing water, let alone flowing against the current, back to the place where it could be retrieved?

This brief experience reveals the grace of our Lord and just how much He cares for His people, even in their smallest concerns.

The power and the grace of our Living Savior are more than enough to help us in every situation or crisis that we’ll face.

While the loss of an axe head may seem like a trivial subject to some, with God all things that effect us also matter to Him. Doesn’t He encourage us to cast all our cares upon Him because He loves us?

Is anything too hard for the Lord to do? His grace far exceeds our human logic or sense of reasoning. That’s why when God is all we have, He’s all we need. He enters into our dark, dismal or seemingly impossible circumstance and births light and gives new life to our situation. He alone is God, there is no other like Him and He cares for you.

He can touch the hearts of others to bless you or He can bind the hands of those that oppose you. He’s greater than any sickness, illness or life-threatening disease and through faith in Jesus Christ and His Word, He enables believers to stand and walk through the toughest of times.

God’s still in the business of saving, healing, delivering, restoring, encouraging, protecting, providing for, comforting and strengthening His people as we face or go through all kinds of adverse circumstances, negative situations, painful conditions hard times or satanic entrapments, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


~Dr. Andrew Bills

Dr. Andrew Bills

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