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"Did You Know That You Cannot Run With The Turkeys If You Want To Soar With The Eagles?"

Have you ever heard it said that, "Birds of a feather flock together?" That’s just a parabolic way of stating that the people and the things you associate with are either adding to your life or taking away from it because it’s impossible not to imitate those who are influencing you from becoming just like them.

Achieving or winning is a continuing lifestyle that’s filled with good choices and discipline. So, if you’re unhappy with your lifestyle and you really want to change the direction of where you’re going, one of the first steps is to carefully consider who you’re hanging around with or what you’re allowing into your spirit.

The people who you’re associating with the most are the ones who are speaking into your life either by what they say or by what they do to influence you. They are either using you as a dumping site for their negative and pessimistic comments, their critical and discouraging ways, their counteractive and ineffective ideas, and their corrupt and deprave manners

Or, they’re impacting your life, family, finances, and your future through their constructive, spiritual, optimistic, positive, desirable, upbeat, faith-filled, acceptable and edifying ways, ideas, instructions, advice, assistance, guidance, wisdom, and manners. Good role models are those people who refuse to accept their current conditions when they knew they were created for so much more.

God says in Proverbs 13:20 NIV, "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm." Isn’t it interesting that IT’S NOT GOD who will bring down the harm or destruction into your life? NO, it’s following the advice, instructions, ways, influence, input, and companionship of the foolish and unwise people. It will bring untold misery, depression, and destruction upon your own head during this lifetime as well as for eternity.

Not only does it apply towards who you’re associated or involved with, but it also pertains to the type of television, radio, or Internet programming that you watch or listen to. The movies you see, the books, newspapers, magazines, and other literature you read will also have a great impact on your life.

But God is now saying, "You have a choice or the decision is yours.&qut; Choose carefully whose advice you’ll follow and what you’ll be influenced by. If a person gets out of prison only to go back to his or her old environment, he has set himself up for re-incarceration. You must escape the environment in order to have a brand new beginning or fresh start. You can overcome anything if you’re first willing to be transformed. Learn to regulate and control your conduct and behavior by rising up, trusting The Lord, and reaching higher.

So select your friends and associates carefully and be led by The Holy Spirit. Take on the mindset of champions, the attitude of those who’ve achieved in the field that you’re interested in, and learn from their wisdom and commitment to excellence. Develop the lifestyle of a winner simply by associating with those who are what you want to become. Learn from their character and re-shape your habits in order to become a high achiever and a good role model yourself.

Become a leader. Make prayerful and wise personal, career, family, and financial decisions. Remember, IT’S YOUR LIFE, and it’s just too precious to waste.


~Dr. Andrew Bills

Dr. Andrew Bills

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