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"Has The Lord Ever Given You A Stone Instead Of Bread?"

Have you ever earnestly prayed for something and later greatly regretted that you got it? There are both biblical and modern day examples in which God eventually granted the persistent yet stubborn and imprudent prayers of his people of which they later lamented or mourned over, repented from or were very sorry about.

If hindsight has taught you anything, you should be anxious for nothing and be careful what you’re repeatedly asking from The Lord to give you. Sometimes God grants to people what they foolishly, selfishly, lustfully and sinfully consistently want and cry out to Him for.

Such was the case of Israel as they began to repeatedly cry out to God for a king. Then in 1 Samuel 8:9 NASB, God gave The Prophet Samuel the following information and instructions, "Now then, listen to their voice; however, you shall solemnly warn them and tell them of the procedure of the king who will reign over them."

Israel wanted to be like the other nations and relentlessly pressed in on The Prophet Samuel to make God give them a king. They wanted the pomp & circumstance, the splendor of the marching army with proud colors and the parades that the other nations exhibited.

Their pursuit demonstrated their ingratitude towards The Lord that had brought them to where they were and now they believed they were more capable of directing their own affairs from there.

So a tall, humble, handsome, intelligent looking and strong young man named Saul was chosen to be their new king. But as the years passed and history records, he became evil, hateful, jealous, deceitful, enraged, greedy and deranged as he constantly disobeyed and turned his back on God. God gave them exactly the type of king they requested but later they totally regretted that decision.

Have You Ever Prayed For Bread And Received A Stone Instead? I’ve personally counseled women who’s hearts have been crushed from marrying men they requested from God. Believing that they could change them into a more perfect husband, time only revealed that these women experienced bigger demons.

There have been some men who believed that a certain business venture or career change was God’s best for them only to encounter a satanic entrapment, financial ruin and years of painful stress as they’ve later attempted to rebuild their lives.

Many couples have invested their financial savings into the hands of an investor only to later discover that he was unscrupulous, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and robbed them of their hard earned savings.

If you’ve made any mistakes in any of these areas, then learn that while experience has become a teacher, you don’t have to let it become your undertaker. Ask The Lord for forgiveness and allow His Word to renew you and His Holy Spirit to heal, restore, rebuild and lead you onward.

We may not know what is actually the best for us, so be careful what you repeatedly ask of God. Don’t become over anxious or too quick to jump into anything. Make sure you’re listening to and following the leading of The Holy Spirit of God. It’s no harm to seek some godly advice from a spirit filled pastor or even ask other Christians to pray with you before making certain decisions or choices.

It’s no harm at all to even ask God for a "spiritual confirmation" before making some life changing major decisions. Another good piece of information is to step back away from it for a brief period and get before The Lord in fasting and prayer, then take another look and see what God is saying to your heart.

Make sure it’s in His best interest because He really is concerned about you. Your welfare means so much to The Lord that He gave His life upon the cross because He always has your best interest in His Eternal Plan.

~Dr. Andrew Bills

Dr. Andrew Bills

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