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"Has Your Get Up And Go Got Up And Left?"

God often requires that you trust Him without any outward or visible advance sign from Him. Blessings only come from the heart of God as you trust in The Lord with all your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding of things. By putting God first, He promises to guide and direct your path because everything God does "hinges on F A I T H."

Therefore, it’s important to understand that God will not bless what you are not willing to do. Just having good intentions isn’t faith, but taking the initiative and going forward is.

Taking the initiative will always have productive or better results. Initiative can be defined as one having the energy, drive, vitality, spunk, zip, life, or the spirit to get up and go forward to accomplish a goal.

Regardless if the initiative is spurned on out of the need for survival or if the motivation is derived from an inward desire to achieve, being assertive, aggressive, and stepping out in faith with perseverance will lead to better results over just sitting around where you are.

In 2nd Kings Chapter 7, we are given the brief dramatic story of four lepers who lived just outside the entry gate of the city of Samaria. Their city was under siege by their enemy who had completely surrounded them and was preventing aid from coming in.

Famine, poverty, sickness, fear, disease, and depression had now taken over the city of God’s people. While they were not permitted to mingle with the regular citizens, by living outside the city gates, these four lepers had hoped to obtain daily scraps of relief from those within. But now due to the severity of the famine, they too were about to die from starvation.

2nd Kings 7:3 NLT says "There were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate and they said one to another, ‘Why should we sit here waiting to die?’"

So by faith, they made their decision to arise and fearlessly walked directly towards the camp of the Syrians in hope of finding grace, but not knowing what to expect.

To their great surprise, they found the enemy camp totally deserted with not a man to be seen or heard. It was later discovered that the attacking enemy abruptly fled in the darkness when The Lord had apparently and miraculously amplified the sound of the four lepers coming which they believed to be a greater attacking army with horses and chariots. So, seized with great terror, they quickly fled, leaving all of their cattle, tents, money, garments, food, and other resources behind as thousands of them ran off into the pitch darkness of night.

So the lepers having discovered all of the riches left behind, instead of trying to keep it all for themselves, decided to report the good news to the officials and people in Samaria, which immediately ended their severe famine.

These four lepers would have died if they would’ve continued to sit around waiting for some supernatural sign to appear telling them to get up and go.

God blesses what you do, not what you sit around and just think about doing. Just having good intentions won’t get you anywhere. You must learn to make decisions and then move forward in faith. It’s not enough to just pray for a job. You must arise, go fill out applications, send out résumés , make telephone calls, and go on interviews if you want to work.

Laziness and indecisiveness are lethal to succeeding or obtaining the victory. You cannot continue to wait for things to just happen to you. Never let it be said that your get-up-and-go has got-up- and-left.

Fear, doubt, unbelief, or solely depending upon your own ability to "reason or sort things out" is a mistake. Sometimes your greatest hindrance is Yourself. Take the initiative, make the effort, remain prayerful, take the step of faith, and believe God to make things happen in your home, business, life, and church.

Then you too will experience the dynamics of The Holy Spirit as you stand on God’s Word and step out in faith, in the mighty name of The Lord Jesus Christ.


~Dr. Andrew Bills

Dr. Andrew Bills

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