Our sessions are 8 weeks long each, with there being 5 sessions each calendar year. All classes can be taken ONLINE, but for those living locally in Southern California, some classes will be conducted for you to personally attend. These courses are designed to provide students with a comprehensive, in-depth, and accurate study of the Bible and other topics of great importance and relevance.

The lessons are pure non-denominational teaching from dynamic, passionate, anointed and Spirit-led teachers providing sound doctrine. The school is designed for anyone who wants a focused, organized and inspirational study of the Bible to make a global impact throughout our world.

Developing Explosive Faith

This is an 8 week ONLINE COURSE that NO BELIEVER SHOULD BE WITHOUT geared to moving students to being "DOERS" of The Word and not "HEARERS" only.


  1. The Role of Every Born-Again Believer In The Kingdom of God
  2. The Basic and Dynamic Principles of Faith
  3. Trusting God In Adverse Circumstances
  4. The Authority of The Believer
  5. How To Use Your God-Given Authority
  6. Listening To The Holy Spirit
  7. How To Distinguish The Voice of The Holy Spirit From Other Voices


  • Instructor: Dr. Andrew Bills
  • Materials: "Will You Trust Me" by Dr. Andrew Bills
  • Downloadable Study Guide Notes

Operating In The Holy Spirit Today

This is an 8 week course on learning how to develop a relationship with The Holy Spirit and how to flow in His Gifts


  1. The Person & Work of The Holy Spirit
  2. The Gifts of The Holy Spirit
  3. Learning How To Flow In His Gifts


  • Instructor: Bonnie Calkins
  • Location:
    Greater Light Family Church 1600 West 3rd St, Santa Ana, CA
  • Dates:
    Every Thursday Evening @ 7pm, April 13th – June 1st
  • Materials: Download
  • Materials: Downloadable Study Guide Notes

Building A Strong Spiritual Foundation

Overview of course

Psalm 11:3 reads, "If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Behind every social and spiritual problem stands the greater problem of the foundation. The foundation of our life is the source of our spiritual strength and stability. We cannot withstand or overcome the demonic forces of this world without building a strong spiritual foundation. Satan’s goal is to tamper with our spiritual foundation, which is the source or center of our belief, faith, stability, and trust in God.

In Revisiting the Foundations, author Dr. Kazumba Charles shows you how to build your foundation with the only one who can defeat Satan—Jesus Christ! The author takes you through questions to assess your present situation. Is your spiritual foundation strong enough to withstand the pressures of life? Are you ready to become spiritually healthy, desire to change the current condition of your life, and become steadfast in your faith and trust in God?

Details comong soon