Thank you for watching The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network. We are excited to announce that we are now taking The Gospel Message into well over 100 countries via the Internet!

We want your experience to be a pleasant one, but we also understand that, like any technology, you may be experiencing difficulty viewing or listening to either HSBN television or radio. Rest assured; most, if not all, of these problems can be addressed by following a few simple procedures (remember the days of tin foil on your television's rabbit ears?)....

Make sure you have an Internet connection. If you are using a wireless device, ensure that you are connected to the Internet. You'd be surprised at the number of times people have inadvertently placed their mobile device in airplane mode.

Depending on your available Internet speed, you may experience some "buffering" which is a constant problem over the internet, where a certain amount of data is downloaded before starting to play a broadcast. This is normal in most instances; however, there are steps you can follow to minimize this inconvenience:

  • Unplug the router first, then unplug the modem. Neither of them have power buttons, so it's a matter of pulling the power cord out of the back of the modem or router.

  • Count to 15, then plug the modem back in first and the router next. Give them both time to boot up and connect by watching the activity lights.

  • This process essentially "flushes" older data out of your system, allowing for a faster flow of data.

If you are engaged in any other Internet activity such as file downloads, messaging, or anything that could possibly cause your computer to run slower, STOP! Close any program that may reduce your Internet speed. Go a step further and close any running programs whether they use the Internet or not. Any interruption to your computer's processing cycles may cause video "stuttering" and buffering issues.

If you have other interactive devices connected to your network, devices such as gaming consoles, they may be using some of your available Internet bandwidth. This may cause a slower than normal connection speed for the computer or device trying to stream HSBN video or radio.

If you are watching a program that unexpectedly freezes or ends, or if you are attempting to view a program and the loading-circle icon continues to spin, please advise us of this issue immediately so we can take steps on our end to make corrections.

Once again, thank you for your prayerful and financial support of The Holy Spirit Broadcast Network. Our goal is to spread The Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world via all available media outlets, and EVERYONE IS an integral part of that vision!

If your particular issue was not addressed in the above synopsis, please email us at

~ Engineering

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