Global Fire

The HSBN Magazine Global Fire is here and declaring God's glory all over the world! Many are crying out for revival, but there can be no revival without the preaching of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that by the fire of The Holy Spirit of God!

The Gospel is not up for debate. The only solution or remedy is the transforming power of God through His Word. Dr. Andrew Bills, Apostle & Founder of HSBN, always says that, “Anyone not concerned about reaching the lost, are lost themselves and in need of redemption!”

If you really read and hear the words of the Great Commission by Christ, then you will come to the realization that casual Christianity is unacceptable to God. Always seeking the face of the Lord, in search of new and different ways to lead people to Christ and make worldwide disciples, is clearly at the forefront of the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the magazine!